What is Laser therapy?

Laser therapy is the use of red and near-infrared light at specific wavelengths for therapeutic effects such as pain reduction, increased circulation, and decreasing swelling.

At Big Rock Animal Clinic, we use a very powerful yet safe Class IV therapeutic laser.  A Class IV laser’s power is the most powerful class available, and results are seen in a much shorter duration of treatment versus lower powered lasers.

When would my dog or cat benefit from Laser therapy?

Laser therapy can help with osteoarthritis, joint pain, muscle strain, ligament sprains, neck and back pain, and overall rehabilitation.

There is no sedation or restraint required, and some improvement is often seen after the first visit.

How often is Laser therapy required?

Sessions are typically 15-25 minutes in length, at a frequency of twice weekly to once monthly depending on the type of condition being treated.

Call to book a therapeutic laser consult for your dog or cat today – our veterinarians will diagnose areas of concern (hips, knees, back and elbows are common areas of chronic pain).  Then, a schedule will be set up for laser therapy sessions. 

Results speak for themselves! Quite often we can reduce the amount of pain medication that a pet is receiving once the underlying issue is addressed with laser therapy.

Let us help you decrease your pet’s joint pain and soft tissue inflammation naturally!