This is what an Intradermal Skin Test looks like on a dog

Dermatology is the field of study that is related to treating and diagnosing diseases related to the skin. We offer a wide range of diagnostics for skin concerns such as in-house cytology, intradermal skin testing, immunotherapy, and nutritional consulting. We examine at your pet’s medical history and environmental aspects to piece together and treat all kinds of dermatological conditions. These conditions can include but are not limited to allergies, ear infections, fungal and bacterial infections, hot spots, and external parasites, such as mites or lice.

Intradermal skin testing:

Intradermal skin testing (IDST) is allergy testing for your pet for air born (environmental) allergies. This is a painless, non-irritating procedure that is done under a light sedation. The procedure takes about an hour and the results are then used to create immunotherapy specifically formulated for your pet. Intradermal skin testing can be performed on dogs, cats, and horses.

Immunotherapy is used in the prevention or treatment of your pet’s environmental allergy with antigens that stimulate the immune response.

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